We are thrilled to announce that we are resuming in-person classes from April 2021. These will run alongside our current online classes, which can still be accessed at any time from:


This move has been carefully planned to ensure the safety of our students, customers and staff. Details of the changes we've made are listed below:



As students will no longer be able to share materials, each child during term time will be provided at the beginning of term with their own individual, named pencil case. This will be kept safely with us in between classes, and will contain items such as a pencil, rubber and sharpener that only they will touch and use for the course of the term.


Non-reusable items such as paint, clay and paper will be handed out by the teacher to each individual student. Easily cleaned items such as water pots and ink rollers, will be used by an individual student during the class, and then thoroughly disinfected afterwards. Staff will also disinfect the classroom before, and after, each class.



Masks will be worn by teachers, and teaching assistants, at all times. As per Public Health England guidance, students do not have to wear face coverings when attending classes, but can if preferred. 


All staff and students must sanitise hands upon entering the classroom. We will provide hand sanitiser with which to do this.



Although the government's guidelines are currently limiting out-of-school activities to a maximum group size of 15, we have decided to limit each class to a group of 10, which will allow all of our students to retain at least 1m distance from each other. Each class will form a bubble for the course of the term, and students will not be able to switch classes once the term has started. If a student is ill, or unable to attend a class, we can send the pre-recorded video for that project to do from home, so that they don't miss out. They will not be able to attend on a different day instead, as has been possible prior to Covid. 



In order to ensure enough time for extra cleaning measures, classes this term will run at a slightly shorter time. To make up for the shorter classes, this term will run for eleven or twelve weeks (the maximum period available), rather than the normal ten.



We would encourage students to please avoid getting public transport to and from classes, wherever possible. 


Unless students are arriving/ leaving the class on their own, they must be dropped off and collected from outside the venue at their allocated time (we will confirm the exact location nearer the time). Please try to keep distance from other parents as much as possible while waiting. A Cygnets teaching assistant will be at the door to sign students in, and they will be sent to the classroom. At the end of the class, please wait outside again, and we will sign students back out and over to you from the doorway, using a walkie talkie system. Please only arrive at your exact allocated time; not before or afterwards.



If you, your child, or anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19, or has been advised by NHS Track and Trace to self isolate, please do not attend a Cygnets class.


As per government guidance, if you have symptoms please seek a test as soon as possible and self isolate until then. Any positive test for COVID-19 for you, your child, or anyone in your household must be reported to Cygnets immediately. 


All Cygnets staff will also adhere to these rules, and you will be informed of any relevant information where necessary.



If classes are unable to run at any point either due to a lockdown, or staff illness, we will switch to an online version during this period. Students will be given the option of Zoom classes, pre-recorded videos, or private Skype tuition.

Cygnets is a children's art school based in Richmond. Our focus is on the teaching of traditional skills such as drawing, painting & sculpture, combined with unique projects; experienced teachers, and professional quality materials.

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